In Customer Connect 1.0, we have added the following features:


Only authorized admins/agents can log in to Customer Connect. The agent dashboard can be accessed at https://service.vizury.com.

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Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles enables the agent to get contextual information about the customer who has initiated the conversation. These profiles are created automatically by Customer Connect with basic details such as Full Name and Mobile Number, and are automatically populated in a separate panel whenever a customer chats with the brand’s WhatsApp account. 

Customer Profiles is accessible on the Agent Panel.

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The agent can modify the customer profile to add more information like shipping details, gender, additional information, as he/she chats with the customer.

The agent can also view the contact history of the customer with previous agents.

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The best part about Customer Profiles is that whenever a returning customer initiates a conversation with the brand, Customer Connect identifies the customer by their Phone Number and pops up the corresponding profile on the agent panel.

Built-in third party connectors

Customer Connect also allows brands to import customer data from third-party applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Marketo. Additionally, if you have customer data on Amazon S3, Customer Connect can seamlessly import that too!


For the admin: We have added aggregated statistics of agent metrics that could be helpful for the admin user. The admin user can visualize the metrics in colorful graphs and charts, and get an overview of the performance of his/her agents.

This can be accessed under Analytics & Reports -> Overview

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User Management

For the admin: Admin users can add other agents to access the Customer Connect dashboard. Only the agents added through this step, will be able to login to the dashboard at https://service.vizury.com.

This can be achieved by clicking on User Management -> Manage Agents -> Add Agent

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Updated 27 Jun 2022
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