Do I need to have a WhatsApp business account to use Customer Connect?

Yes. Brands are required to have a functional WhatsApp business account to use Customer Connect. If you do not have one, our team will help you create one.

Can I use other engagement channels like Twitter and Instagram with Customer Connect?

Yes. We have a headless system where any engagement channel can connect to Customer Connect. All you have to do is call our APIs to establish a session and send messages. For more details, please refer to the API documentation here.

How secure is Customer Connect? 

We leverage authentication of our users to prevent unauthorized access to our application. All messages sent between the customer and agent are encrypted in transit over https. We also use AWS Connect as our internal routing mechanism to connect the customer to the agent. AWS Connect being an Amazon service, follows high standards of customer compliance and data security. Upon request, data/chat transcripts can be encrypted at rest.

Where are my chat transcripts stored? Can I access them?

Chat transcripts are stored in Amazon S3, a simple and highly secure storage service provided by Amazon. These transcripts can be accessed through APIs or downloaded upon request.

I have my own chat widget in the application. Can I still connect to Customer Connect?

Yes. Customer Connect has a set of APIs that must be called in order to use the service. If you have a chat widget in place, you need to modify your code to call our APIs.

I would like to filter out my customers and route them to specific agents. Can I do that on Customer Connect?

Yes. Customer Connect provides customizable contact flows that can be configured based on the brand’s use case. For example, to filter out priority 1 customers to the store manager instead of an agent, we can customize the flow accordingly. 

Can an agent transfer a customer to another agent?

Yes. The agent can transfer a customer to another agent from the agent panel.

Do you use Kaleyra to send messages over WhatsApp?

Yes. We use Kaleyra to send messages over WhatsApp to/from the customer. We leverage AWS Connect to send messages from/to WhatsApp to/from the agent panel on Customer Connect.

What is the cost of using Kaleyra and AWS Connect?

As per Kaleyra’s latest pricing (for India), the cost per session in a 24-hour window for:

  • Business-initiated conversation: 0.4843 INR
  • User-initiated conversation: 0.2906 INR

As per AWS Connect’s latest pricing (global), the cost per message is 0.31 INR ($0.004 USD).

The total cost per session = cost per session (Kaleyra) + (number of messages * cost per message (AWS Connect)). 

Example: If a user initiates a conversation with a brand in India, and 15 messages are sent between the user and the agent, the total cost per session would be:

0.2906 + (15 * 0.31) = 4.9406 INR

Updated 27 Jun 2022
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