Customer Connect is a seamless, intelligent service that enables human conversation between a seeker (a customer) and a provider (an agent), over simple conversational channels like WhatsApp

Whether you are a retail brand looking to engage your customers on WhatsApp or a healthcare provider working towards assisting your patients through chat, Customer Connect is your one stop shop for anything where human intervention in a conversation helps! And believe us, it does.

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For example, consider a simple WhatsApp conversation between a yoga practitioner and an agent representing a brand that sells high-quality yoga mats. A seamless handover to an agent in this conversation has brought a smile on the customer’s face (smiley is the proof!). 

The agent has helped the customer make a decision on which yoga mat to buy. And the building blocks of trust have been laid in the process.

The brand has a persona now! It no longer is a heartless, logical entity. It is human; it is helpful, understanding, empathetic and cares immensely about its customers.

Updated 27 Jun 2022
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