If your catalogue or inventory feed is present in MongoDB, Vizury can connect to your MongoDB database through read-only user permission for target collections.

Version Support: We support MongoDB latest version 5.x & Vizury is also compatible with 4.x

Official drivers for MongoDB database connection:

Document image

Integration Process:

We can deploy standalone scripts on the server that can connect to your MongoDB database via native official drivers, these scripts are independent and protected by our VPC & access policies.

Once we receive new user credentials with the required read-only permission set by the client, Vizury will place these credentials within the script by running CRON at regular intervals to trigger the scripts.

NOTE: The default CRON intervals are 30 mins, The client is free to set the trigger intervals (SLA) by logging into our retail portal.

In case if there are any specific write operations required for ex: if a customer has placed an order or booking through our APIs, we can perform a write operation of the entity on your MongoDB database collection.

Integration Architecture :

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NOTE: Our scripts map your catalogue & inventory schema to Vizury API schema in order to make API calls in the background.

Integration Credentials :

We support below MongoDB providers:

  • MongoDB Atlas
  • AWS Document DB
  • Standalone MongoDB installation (Community edition or Enterprise)

You can share the credentials in the form of a connection string as explained below:

The standard URI connection scheme:

mongodb://[username:[email protected]]host1[:port1][,...hostN[:portN]][/[defaultauthdb][?options]]




A required prefix to identify that this is a string in the standard connection format.


The host (and optional port number) 

username:passwor[email protected]

Authentication credentials.


Optional. A query string that specifies connection specific options, Please refer to MongoDB Official Docs

For a standalone:


(Above host URL & User credentials with database name)

Updated 27 Jun 2022
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