CSV Uploads

CSV uploads is one of the easiest ways to ingest catalog data to Vizury Feedbus.

Below are the steps followed to do a successful CSV Upload

  1. Customers must provide FTP credentials to Vizury during the onboarding phase.
  2. Our TIG (Technical integration team) will contact you to understand your CSV format.
  3. We will do a mapping to match your CSV file headers to Vizury Feedbus schema.
  4. Out TIG team will write a custom script and run this script on daily or hourley basis to ingest feed data to Vizury Feedbus.
  5. Customers can verify if the Feed is integrated successfully by logging into campaign portal.

CSV format

If you are dropping CSV files on a regular basis, Make sure your CSV files dropped into FTP are formatted properly. This would make sure that the data is ingested smoothly without errors.

Updated 27 Jun 2022
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