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Journeys at Vizury, provides different components under three different sections namely Channels, Controls and Conditions.


Channels are different means available to send the campaigns.

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Different Channels available are as listed below.




Engage users with tailored emails at the right time for a better experience and avoid generic bulk emailers. Available for both App and Web.

App Push Notification

Create a delightful mobile experience with App notifications for better conversions and driving engagement.

Web Push 


Engage off-app users on both mobile and web to drive high impact experiences.

In-App Notification

Target users with contextual in-app messages to drive conversions and revenue for your business.

Facebook Ads

Create customized Facebook remarketing campaigns to drive users back to your app and website. Available for both App and Web.

Banner Ads

Create highly targeted ads to deliver tailored experiences to drive high engagement across channels. Available for both App and Web. 


Controls are a set of conditions that sets the context of the User Journey. Each time a user’s action preference or a preset condition is triggered, a new channel is fired or the journey path terminates.

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Different Controls available are as listed below.




Timer helps in setting up the time of sending the next notification after one channel is activated. You can set up custom timings for every channel.

Trigger Event

Trigger Events define the action or preference taken by the user based on a notification sent, such as Submit or Book.

End Journey

End Journey is to specify the end of the user journey workflow.


Conditions are essentially check-points that help you personalize the User Journey for each user based on their actions and preferences in real-time. Conditions generally follow a Yes-No logic allowing you to create automation workflows.

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Different Conditions available are as listed below.




 Reached shows if the notification sent has reached the user or not.


Clicked shows if the user has clicked on the notification or not.

Goal Event

Goal event shows if a certain goal is met through an action preference by the user or not.

Journey Creation:

Steps to create a journey is as listed below.

1.To create a click on Create Journey option and you can select the platform(Web/APP) for which you want to create a journey for.

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2. Enter the name of the journey in the pop up which emerges when you select the platform of interest and save the journey by clicking on save button.

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3. Once you save the journey name, begin to create the journey in the journey creation space as shown. The start new segment along with the segment selection component will be shown by default.

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4. Drag and drop the Channels, Controls and Condition components to create a journey as per the desired strategy.

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5. To connect two components, hover at the end of one component. Connect option gets enabled as shown. Click on connect, drag the link and drop it on the other component.

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6. To zoom in and zoom out the journey, click on the zoom in and zoom out options. To undo and redo any action, click on the undo and redo button as shown.

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7.Once the journey is created, you can save the journey as a draft or save and publish it by clicking on the respective buttons as shown. Clicking on back button navigates you to the Overview section of Journeys.

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Updated 27 Jun 2022
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