1. What is Web SDK & How do I integrate it on my website?

Vizury Web SDK is a piece of Javascript library hosted on our CDN - US (Global) Data Center. You can integrate our Javascript library by placing the code at the end <head> section of each page you want to enable.

2. Do you support all websites?

Yes, our Web SDK is supported for all websites, across browsers. Our SDK also supports Single-Page Application sites.

3. How does the Web SDK affect my website performance?

The Javascript code loads & initializes asynchronously, it does not affect the page load time of your website. All our web requests that are performed from the SDK have millisecond latency that is tested against high traffic websites.

4. What are some of the security concerns addressed during the integration?

All our Javascript URLs & resources are loaded over the same protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) as the containing page, which prevents Insecure Content warnings. All the web API calls made from the Javascript library are encrypted at Rest.

5. What are the different actions Vizury web SDK performs?

  • Vizury web SDK performs the below actions, these actions can be customized by turning it on/off from our Portal.
  • Our SDK can automatically track user data (e.g., Browser, OS version, Country), this data can be collected by creating different user sessions or user profiles. (Part of basic setup)
  • Our SDK can track user engagement data (Behavioural data) against user sessions.
  • Our SDK can enable various channels to enable user engagement & retargeting (Browser Push, Web Pop-up, O2O-Web widget, Chatbots)

Updated 27 Jun 2022
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